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New Year, New Opportunities

I don't know about you, but 2022 already seems to be bringing a lot to the surface. With Venus in retrograde, our relationships are undergoing serious transformation. This planetary energy is associated with re-evaluating our relationships, getting clear about our values and desires, tying up loose ends, revisiting connections from the past, and resolution - and it continues until January 29th.

If you are experiencing any of this, you are far from alone. I've already had multiple conversations with people who are feeling the density and heaviness of what is surfacing in their relationships right now. Yet, it is all coming up to be transmuted and for us to come into deeper alignment with ourselves and our connections. Adversity can be incredibly activating and can serve as an invitation to go within and discover our deepest truths. From that space, we can truly discover what we are seeking and what will serve our highest good.

Before all that happens though, it's okay to sit in the dark. It's okay to acknowledge the pain. Your feelings are valid and they need space too. You don't immediately have to mine for gold and find the lesson in everything, you can just be. It's your process, and you get to decide what will be supportive for you.

I haven't personally felt like making any grandiose claims for the year ahead, nor have I felt called to make any concrete resolutions (yet, anyway). However, the number one thing that has naturally been presenting itself in observing mine and others' relationships is having a keen awareness of our thoughts, actions, and energy, as well as the importance of healing our inner wounds so we don't project them onto others.

During this time where this theme has been very much alive, I tuned into a podcast on YouTube: "Healing Trauma through the Quantum Field with Alexander Mendeluk Deja Blu - Ep.48." The Deja Blu Podcast is one of my favourites and in this episode, Alexander shares an analogy that really allows this message to sink in. He says something along the lines of how we wouldn't go around shaking each others hands if we had a huge cut on our hand and were bleeding on everyone we came into contact with. Yet, we do this with our inner wounds when we allow our pain to spill out onto others in a harmful way. When our pain is unhealed, it can easily be triggered and projected onto those close to us. I think a lot of that is what is coming up during this time.

With that being said, if this theme feels alive around you as well, my invitation is that we all work on healing our inner wounds so we don't inflict our pain onto others. There are so many sub-themes that play into this that I would love to dive into in future blog posts, but I hope this analogy serves as food for thought as you navigate difficult dynamics in your relationships.

May we all learn to walk with more love, grace, and compassion in the year ahead.

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