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The Earth-Heart Connection


Today marks Earth Day, a time to reflect on our connection to this planet called home.

There is nothing that compares to feeling the grass beneath your feet and breathing in fresh air. We find solace in nature. It grounds us. It nourishes us. Our spirit comes alive when we are connected to the Earth, just like it does when we are connected to our heart.

"Earth" is an anagram of "heart," meaning the word can be rearranged with the same letters to form another.

In exploring the connection between our hearts and the Earth, I came across a study by the HeartMath Institute. I greatly admire and align with the work that HeartMath does, as their mission is "to help people bring their physical, mental, and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart's intuitive guidance." Their work is profound, and the study I discovered is no exception.

In the study, the researchers state that over time, heart rate variability (HRV) can synchronize with shifts in the frequency of the Schumann resonance (what has been referred to as the Earth's heartbeat). One-hundred and four participants in Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, California, and New Zealand underwent continuous HRV monitoring over a 15-day period. On one of these days, a heart-centred meditation called a Heart Lock-In (HLI) was performed simultaneously for 15 minutes by all participants. Results showed that during the HLI period, most groups experienced significantly higher HRV coherence and their heart rhythms were significantly more synchronized with one another. Additionally, when measuring HRV synchronization with the local time varying magnetic field of the Earth, it was significantly higher on the day they collectively performed the heart meditation.

Isn't that fascinating?

This study shows how we are truly connected with the Earth - how our hearts literally calibrate to Her. It also speaks to the power of our intention in creating coherence within and with one another.

We are all collectively weaving our reality. While our understanding of this is and will continue to be limited, studies like the one above are helping us grasp the interconnectedness of All That Is.

When we feel coherence in our hearts, we synchronize with the heartbeat of the Earth. What a beautiful concept.

With all of the suffering, fear, and hatred in the world, it can be difficult not to get weighed down. Seeing the wars and tragedies globally can have us feeling helpless and wanting to do more. It's important that we protect our energy, but we can still get involved. There are many organizations that need support and donations to help their efforts. If you are unable to contribute financially, you can pray, meditate, or send light and healing to where you feel called to. Lastly, you can create coherence in your heart and remember that you are an expression of love. Continue to practice it with yourself and those around you. If you fall, practice forgiveness and compassion, then come back to love.

On this Earth Day, may we shower ourselves, each other, and our home with more love, respect, and kindness. May we continue to make choices for the benefit and protection of our planet.

In honour of this day, please share your favourite sustainable practices in the comments below so we can learn from and inspire one another to be part of the change.


Timofejeva, I.; McCraty, R.; Atkinson, M.; Alabdulgader, A.A.; Vainoras, A.; Landauskas, M.; Šiaučiūnaitė, V.; Ragulskis, M. Global Study of Human Heart Rhythm Synchronization with the Earth’s Time Varying Magnetic Field. Appl. Sci.2021, 11, 2935.

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