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Services to Support your Journey


Reiki (ray-key) is a form of energy healing that brings inner peace and balances the mind, body, and spirit. Universal Life Force Energy (also known as Chi or Prana) channels through the practitioner and is transferred to the recipient with touching or hovering hands around various parts of the body. Reiki supports the body's natural ability to heal itself and common responses include: an emotional release, warming or cooling sensations, tingling or vibrations throughout the body, visions or seeing colours, feeling deeply relaxed or falling asleep, and experiencing a state of overall well-being and contentment. Subtle to powerful effects can be felt whether the session is performed in-person or from a distance and can vary from treatment to treatment. Since Reiki heals on an energetic level and removes energetic blockages, these shifts will affect the energy you put out and attract. Initially 3-5 sessions are recommended for this reason to give you time to observe the changes that you notice in yourself and in your life. We will discuss your observations and honour what will be most supportive for your ongoing journey. 

 "Not only did I feel like I was on cloud 9 during and after my session, but I felt weightless for days after and more in tune with my emotions than I have been in what seems like forever! The session itself was so pampering and relaxing and I also feel that I am more educated on how to access my heart space - something that I was struggling with prior to our session. Such amazing and lasting results! I would highly recommend booking a session with Heather if you are looking to raise your vibration."

~ Teela C.

"Before my first distance session with Heather, I was a bit skeptical as I had never had a distance session before and didn't think it could be as powerful as in-person sessions, but my mind was soon put to rest once the session began. It did not take long for that calmness to wash over me again and feel like I was having an in-person session. The feelings, emotions and even visions I had during that session were like none I had ever had before. I cannot speak highly enough about Heather, her talent and her unwavering kind, loving and calm nature. I owe so much to her and our sessions."

~ Jack O'B.


30 min - $50 | 45 min - $60 | 60 min - $70
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45 min - $75 | 60 min - $90 | 75 min - $105 
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"I can't put into words the peace and ultimate relaxation that I felt after my journey. It's hard to put into words the experience all I know is I felt so much hope and love within. Thank you so much Heather, I can't wait to see you again."

~ Kathleen K.

Integrative Breathwork is the type of breathwork I am trained in which combines elements of Shamanic, Transformational, and Holotropic Breathwork among others. My very first breathwork journey was so profound that it immediately stirred a calling in my heart to become a facilitator so I could share this gift with others. The state of bliss I experienced was unlike anything I had ever felt before. While breathwork is not a substitute for therapy, this practice works so deeply that the level of healing and transformation you experience from even one session can surpass what may otherwise take years. There are many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits from this practice listed below.


  • increases energy and vitality

  • strengthens core and improves posture

  • relieves chronic pain (can be used as temporary pain management or reduces or eliminates pain completely)

  • blood oxygenation (note that cancer cells cannot survive in a fully oxygenated environment)

  • diaphragmatic breathing massages internal organs and helps with digestion

  • improves circulation which reduces strain on the heart

  • increases lung capacity

  • significantly aids detoxification (can help purify lungs from smoking)

  • significant stress and cortisol reduction (many chronic illnesses are linked to stress)

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  • helps to connect with and release repressed and suppressed emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, etc.

  • being stuck in emotions leads to avoidance and numbing; this practice supports moving through them which creates the ability to be more present and live more fully

  • feeling emotions reduces the manifestation of psychosomatic illnesses and dis-ease in the body

  • encourages expression of what has been unconsciously held in

  • helps to get in touch with childlike nature (laughter, play)

  • facilitates moving through trauma which can create a feeling of lightness and liberation from the past


  • opens black and white thinking up to seeing many possibilities

  • reduces insomnia and improves quality of sleep

  • enhances focus/concentration

  • increases oxygen flow to the brain which reduces brain fog

  • can access meditative states more efficiently and easily than through meditation

  • helps to slow down a busy mind to the point of no thought which leads to states of ease and calmness

  • improves cognitive clarity and the ability to integrate insights

  • shifts automatic thinking patterns (ruminating, stuck in one viewpoint) to an expanded and higher perspective

  • raises the vibration of thoughts (from negative to more positive)

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  • creates room for something new which can lead to an enlightened moment or spiritual experience

  • increases acceptance of the past and present which cultivates a sense of inner peace

  • removes barriers to feelings of love, gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness which can transform relationships with self and others

  • raises consciousness and frequency which can enable connection with angels, ancestors, spirit guides and/or past life experiences

  • can create an experience similar to a psychedelic trip

  • breakthroughs and realizations regarding self, life, and purpose

  • inspires a feeling of oneness

In-Person Only

90-120 min - $200
Bundle to save ~ Package offers for less
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Group Events
& Sharing Circles

“We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

"Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we are all in this together."

~ Brené Brown

We need more safe spaces to gather intentionally for the purpose of healing and connection. Real connection is created when we allow ourselves to be seen, heard, and known for who we truly are. Sharing authentically and vulnerably within a circle creates a profound sense of connection and community. These events are for those who are willing to show up with an open heart, respect, and a reverence for others.

"The sharing circle was special for me because sometimes I feel alone with my fears and it’s comforting to have a circle to share with that truly understands."

"I think it was a statement of exceptional guidance by the hosts to set a stage for so many people to unpack some very scary and difficult pieces of themselves. <3"

"The reflective practice and sharing circle was a great experience for me! It helped me realize where I can focus my attention on my inner being."

"How amazing that you all were able to create such a feeling of openness and safety in one afternoon! The level of vulnerability that was shared was very moving!"

Your presence is what makes these events so special.
Join us! View or get notified about upcoming Heartwave Healing events here.

If you have a unique idea or vision for a group or event that you would like HH to host or be a part of, let's connect! Collaborations and speaking engagement opportunities are also welcome.

Private Coaching

"I went to Heather feeling heavy and in a negative head space. I instantly felt safe and comfortable in her presence. She held space for me to talk about how I was feeling and you can tell she truly cares. My session was an inward journey with her guiding and healing every step of the way. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and reborn. Heather has a warming intuitive presence and I always value her insight and wisdom."

~ M.G.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and strengthen your connection with your heart, your Soul, your truest Self. 

In a private coaching container I combine my background in psychology, lived experience, intuition, and wisdom gained throughout my own spiritual journey to help you uncover and navigate the deeper parts of yourself that are holding you back from showing up authentically and living the life you desire.

My approach is caring and honest. Honesty creates awareness. Awareness combined with aligned action creates transformation.

You are a good fit for private coaching with me if:

green and brown humming bird flying_edited_edited_edited.jpg

  • you are compassionate and empathetic in nature

  • you believe in a Higher Power (Source/the Universe/God/Allah - whichever term you use) or you are open to spiritual concepts

  • you want to build your trust in Self/others/God/Life

  • you want to learn how to set boundaries and advocate for yourself

  • you want to become more comfortable with being seen

  • you want to feel safe to express yourself in the way that is most authentic to you

  • you are ready to remove the walls around your heart so you can build intimacy in your relationships

  • you are ready to go deep to learn your needs, desires, values, patterns, wounding, and gifts

  • you are ready to be honest with yourself about what is holding you back and about what you really want

  • you view your life as YOUR responsibility and recognize that only you have the power to change it

  • you are committed to feel, heal, and do what it takes to call in your desired reality!

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