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Image by Khai Truong

Group Events

For humanity to heal collectively, we need more safe spaces to gather and connect intentionally. Real connection is created when space is held for us to be seen, heard, and understood for who we truly are. When we allow ourselves to do so within a protected and sacred space, it creates a sense of validation and connection that we don't often have the opportunity to experience in our daily lives.


These gatherings are for those who are willing to show up with an open mind and heart. Respect and reverence for one another is required to honour the intention and integrity of the events held.

Reach out to inquire if you have an event in mind! Whether you want to host a sharing circle, bring a group together for a guided meditation or reiki, all of the above, or you have another idea altogether...

From a past event attendee:

"The sharing circle was special for me because sometimes I feel alone with my fears and it’s comforting to have a circle to share with that truly understands."

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Expanded Wellness Weekend

June 2023, Morinville AB

Connected Being 

February 2023, Leduc AB
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